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Wingman S

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WINGMAN S SERIES DRONE DETECTION WEARABLE DRONE PROTECTION PROVIDES VALUABLE REACTION TIME TO PROTECT YOUR CLIENTS ON THE MOVE SITUATIONAL AWARENESS THAT ADDS VALUE TO YOUR ASSIGNMENTS For the protection of VIPs privacy and valuable assets the WINGMAN S SERIES is a compact wearable and easy to use drone detector developed to suit security and secret service personnel The WINGMAN S SERIES allows its user to focus on the security assignment at hand and not worry about the airspace above MOBILE VERSATILE WINGMAN S SERIES STEP 1 Place the WINGMAN detector in your jacket pocket or attach it to your outfit STEP 2 STEP 3 Mount the earpiece and switch on the WINGMAN You are ready to GO

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WINGMAN S SERIES DRONE DETECTION LEASING OPTION PURCHASE The WINGMAN S SERIES kit is delivered with the necessary accessories to get you started and a product warranty coverage for the first year As an option you can get into our valued software update program Contact MyDefence for information about additional options Our leasing program offers access to mobile drone detection without binding capital upfront You get a WINGMAN SSERIES kit with all included and ready to go During the rental period you will have free access to software and drone library updates and product warranty is included Minimum period for leasing is 12 months CONTACT MYDEFENCE FOR PURCHASE AND LEASING PRICES ALL INCLUDED TO GET YOU STARTED SALES MYDEFENCE DK Products 1 x WINGMAN S SERIES Drone Detector 1 x Charger internal battery and Power Supply for S SERIES 1 x Headset 1 x Audio Cable 1 x Molle clip set 1 x User manuals and 1 x Firmware Update Tool 100 including software Drone library WINGMAN S SERIES SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER SPECIFICATION PARAMETER SPECIFICATION Power source Internal rechargeable battery Frequency Bands 2 4GHz 5 2GHz 5 8GHz ISM band Battery capacity Up to 7 hours Detection time 5 sec Dimensions D 48mm x W 90mm x H154mm Detection range Up to 5km Weight 500g Operating temperatures Typical 10 C to 35 C Depends on the RF environment up to 1 5km in high RF noise environments and up to 5 km in low RF noise environments WHY ARE DRONES A THREAT CONTACT MYDEFENCE E mail sales mydefence dk Phone 45 70 251 252 www mydefence dk SMALL INEXPENSIVE AND EASY TO FLY COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE WITH PRO FEATURES UP TO 3 KILOMETER RANGE WITH SPEEDS OF UP TO 100 KM H SOPHISTICATED CAMERA CAPABILITIES LIKE HIGH ZOOM NIGHT VISION ETC SOPHISTICATED MICROPHONE CAPABILITIES ETC