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Travel Risk Management

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CAPABILITY STATEMENT XTREME SECURITY TRAVEL RISK MANAGEMENT ENHACING DUTY OF CARE ANY TASK I ANYTME I ANYWHERE Our service brings together real time travel and location tracking crisis management and evacuation support as well as a sign of life system 4915778648351 info xtremesecurity eu

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TRAVEL RISK MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW 24 7 365 operations center Real time duty of care combining the latest technology information and communications is provided by Xtreme Security Travel Risk Management Intelligence support services travel briefs and threat and risk assessments Traveler tracking with proprietary app and emergency response capabilities Our solution is di erentiated by enabling privacy accuracy practical features and exible applications Emergency medical assistance and evacuations Our clients travelers be they global or regional bene t from individual risk ratings personalized pre travel awareness and comprehensive 24 7 monitoring response Personal protection agents to escort you throughout your travels Covert and Overt Close Protection Local Support If concerns exist the individual has immediate access to assistance and advice Security drivers and vehicles for ground transportation We support you in protecting your people throughout the entire journey lifecycle without intruding on their personal privacy Combining innovative technology and a human touch to ensure their safety and your Duty of Care Private aircraft and pilots Secure hotels and private accommodations Equipment High end satellite c ommunication technology GPS locators and international phones SOS Panic devices Mobile App etc Understanding every organization is di erent we create innovate and integrate a solution that best suits client requirements ELEMENTS OF TRAVEL RISK MANAGEMENT Travel Safety Policy High Risk Xtreme Security Travel Safety Security Guidelines Travel Restrictions Approval of travel Incident Management Response Incident communication management platform Communication and response Duty of Information Personnel Location Communication Video learning and pre deployment learning Check in airport departure check in arrival communication and monitoring 02

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HOW TO ASSESS SECURITY RISKS WHILE TRAVELING While we can t predict the next crisis preparing for the worst and taking charge of our own personal security are essential steps ANY TASK I ANYTHIME I ANYWHERE Employee Travel Security Service LOCATION BASED SERVICES Most of the trips which the Company s employees makes each year take place within national borders However a signi cant number of people are also assigned to travel to foreign countries where it is more di cult to intervene to protect the safety of the person Personnel Tracking and Risk Management Fleet Mobility Management Solutions Advanced Driver Assistance Systems SMART Asset Monitoring INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT In this context it is clear that there is a need for a package of Travel Security services that can allow employees to make their international trips with the information support of constant monitoring and the possibility of immediate intervention in the event of an accident or emergency Access Control Systems CCTV Systems TSCM Equipment Safe Heavens COMMUNICATIONS Recreational Traveler Security Radio Communications Satellite Communications Real Time Video Communications We help tourists same as corporate executives to make the most out of their international leisure travel by providing them with A to Z support XS has extensive experience in supporting individuals same as group of people across the globe OPERATIONS SUPPORT 24 7 Operations Room with Technical Support Secure Online Management Platform Smartphone Application Associated Logistics Installation Training Our trusted network of professionals are local to your destination and include executive protection guides and drivers whose job it is to make your voyages seamless and safe 03

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Travel security services provide travelers with peace of mind by delivering customized safe solutions regarding transportation accommodations and associated travel activities domestically and abroad XS Travel Security Services include full logistical and security support from experts who are familiar with the terrain the laws of the country speak the language and know the culture at your destination Do you actually know where your people are Traveling for executives and employees is more challenging than ever with an evolving threat landscape In July British Airways canceled all ights to Cairo for seven days for security reasons We constantly review our security arrangements at all our airports around the world and have suspended ights to Cairo for seven days as a precaution to allow for further assessment the airline said in a statement The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our priority and we would never operate an aircraft unless it was safe to do so When your executive or employees travel either within the U S or abroad do you know where they are According to a study by the GBTA Foundation three in ten 29 percent travel managers report they do not know how long it would take to locate a ected employees in a crisis Overall one half 50 percent of travel managers say in the event of an emergency they can locate all of their employees in the a ected area within two hours or less Additionally three in ve 60 percent travel managers rely on travelers to reach out if they need help and have not booked through proper channels Research reveals signi cant gaps in educating travelers about resources available to them and the existence of protocols should the unforeseen happen says Kate Vasilo GBTA Foundation Director of Research Failing to establish and communicate safety measures leaves travelers and organizations vulnerable As both security threats and technology evolve even the most robust protocols that once served companies well may now have weaknesses requiring immediate attention and modi cation With business travel and global uncertainties on the rise companies today face more pressure than ever to ensure the safety of their travelers If a crisis or incident occurs it s critical that businesses be prepared to quickly locate employees and determine who may need assistance Tracking employee and executive travel and ensuring their safety is one of the most important tasks for enterprise security executives Enterprise security must always take into account where an executive will travel the activities they will undertake and the individual risk pro le which will help to develop an overall risk assessment for the trip and any threat mitigation strategies that should be followed Mitigation strategies can include an executive protection team for the duration of the trip For elevated risk areas organizations can employ an executive protection EP professional with dedicated transport For higher risk locations a team of EP professionals secure transports and a bullet proof vehicle can be considered 04

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Xtreme Security use the only fully automated global travel and security management system Our service brings together real time travel and location tracking crisis management and evacuation support as well as a sign of life system Flexible easy to use cost e ective Automation and integration Voyage Manager s automation reduces the need for user interaction to ensure accurate and timely data enabling you to act quickly in an emergency It retrieves travel bookings from the major booking systems and processes real time travel information It integrates with an unprecedented number of third party systems and an ever growing range of tracking devices to provide industry leading reliability and redundancy We o er businesses a exible easy to use and cost e cient platform for monitoring and managing all forms of employee travel Our solution enables companies to ful ll their duty of care and HSE responsibilities by accurately locating sta anywhere in the world including dangerous or remote locations and raising the alert immediately if problems occur Key Features Automatically manages and monitors employee travel What makes Voyage Manager di erent Works with any mode of travel including commercial ights ships trains and cars Conventional travel tracking solutions can only tell you where your employees are supposed to be At Voyage Manager we know where they actually are When travelers are on the move Voyage Manager tracks their locations and movements ensuring support sta know where their people are be it at the right or wrong location This is possible through the automation that is core to the Voyage Manager solution Simpli es the management of groups Enables travelers to view their up to date travel details Noti es relevant parties automatically at each stage of a trip Provides the latest travel and security information for any country or region Helps manage incidents and emergencies Provides a comprehensive overview of all travel activities Voyage Manager s automation also reduces the administrative burden on travelers and support sta saving them time while increasing compliance This automation is supported by a vast amount of data that is collected and processed continuously Integrates with a wide range of 3rd party systems Bene ts Cost reduction through improved operational e ciency Voyage Manager can easily tailor its solution to meet speci c client needs whether through bespoke development or tailored reports e g to ensure global tax compliance Voyage Manager can be hosted and managed in house by the client s IT department or in the cloud by the Voyage Manager team Compliance with CSR and Safety Regulations Improved control of security risks Support during crisis management Management of global tax compliance Environmental footprint monitoring 05

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SELECTED SCREENSHOTS Overview The overview displays the overview of all travelers and assets within the company Planes represent travelers in ight dots represent the last location of travelers green people indicate the GPS location of the people and the boats are the tracked boats Traveler pro le The traveler pro le displays the traveler s personal details including trip details latest GPS locations as well as issues and problems 06

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GPS tracking systems available from our partner HOW IT WORKS IN PRACTICE ANDROID APP Tracker for Android provides a powerful and con gurable tracking app With its simple design the app is easy by even the most novice phone user You can perform check ins activate an emergency and nd your location by map and coordinates When you press the SOS button the app will declare an SOS on the XS system and automatically dial a designated number PULSE Pulse checks that you are OK on a daily basis through an automated request response process By automatically prompting you to con rm that you re safe we remove the need for you to remember to check in IPHONE APP Tracker for iPhone provides a powerful and con gurable tracking app With its simple design the app is easy by even the most novice phone user You can perform check ins activate an emergency and nd your location by map and coordinates When you press the SOS button the app will declare an SOS on the XS system and automatically dial a designated number LOCATE Locate provides GPS tracking of travellers vehicles and assets through smart phones satellite phones and tracking devices You can see the current location of every asset as well as a bread crumb trail of where they have been WINDOWS PHONE APP Tracker for Windows Phone provides a powerful and con gurable tracking app With its simple design the app is easy by even the most novice phone user You can perform check ins activate an emergency and nd your location by map and coordinates When you press the SOS button the app will declare an emergency on the XS system REPORT Report allows you get information from your Voyage Manager environment If you subscribe to one of the batch reports you will receive the report at the scheduled times Real time reports allow you to query the system from your web browser giving you the data immediately GL300 GSM GPRS TRACKER The GL300 is a a durable and water resistant asset and personal tracking device The device is every easy to use with just 2 buttons power and SOS and it can last up to 10 days on a single charge RESOURCE Resource brings together all of the information about your travellers in one place giving you access to information on travel location tracking communications events training and travel vault GT300 GSM GPRS TRACKER CREWING DELORME INREACH IRIDIUM The GT300 is a personal tracker with basic phone functionality The device can be preprogrammed with up to 20 phone numbers which a user can call The device has an SOS button and can last up to 7 days on a single charge We can assist in reducing the logistical challenges that crew changes pose Crewing ensures that all on and o signing crew members have transportation appropriate documentation and vaccination and that the new crew has the correct complement The DeLorme InReach is the Iridium tracking and messaging device The InReach is is rugged water proof and can be paired with your smartphone IRIDIUM EXTREME The Iridium Extreme is the top end Iridium satellite phone Unlike other satellite phones the Extreme provides full GPS tracking functionality giving you complete communications and tracking solution 07

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PRICING Our subscription package which includes all Travel Manager services costs 15 20 per traveler per month for up to 50 travelers For larger scale implementations the price will change based on the scale There is a one o setup up fee of 1 500 for the client The price does not include tracking devices or subscriptions to devices Our partner supports the Iridium Extreme Nal Nano DeLorme InReach satellite devices as well as GSM based devices For our travel escort services we charge usually 400 per day 6 12 hours exible working time for one of our personal protection operative security driver Flight tickets not included Accommodation not included Food not included Vehicles if needed not included For more detailed o er we would need to know Number of admin users platform access Duration of any contracted license Devices Apps GPS trackers Satellite trackers etc and anticipated numbers Intelligence emerging risk sent to devices Any response services i e SOS hit on any device intervention assistance and or cascade If you are interested only into a TRAVEL TRACKING SERVICES you can contact our platform partner provider VOYAGE MANAGER directly and get 10 discount by mentioning US 11

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IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US XTREME SECURITY GmbH Am Haidebruch 1b 81375 M nchen Germany The company is registered at the District Court Munich under the Commercial Register number HRB 241200 www xtremesecurity eu I www xtremesecuritytransport eu I info xtremesecurity eu I 491577 8648351