With over 30 years of excellent operational
experience, Redrag has been closely involved
in security organization for multiple High-Profile
Individuals. His service duty includes various
Governmental Officials; President Clinton,
George Bush, Emirs, Basar Asad, the Danish
Queen, Joe Biden, President Putin and many
more. a Special Police Officer, he served his
country during the Croatian War of Independence.
After the war, he became a part of a team for
the protection of the President of Parliament. He
rose to the rank of the Head of Security of the
second Croatian President at Office of Special
Security Affairs (equivalent of the US Secret
Service). In this function, he duly cooperated
with domestic and foreign security services. His
connections with important persons worldwide,
has been of immense value for his outfit in the
Xtreme Security Company.
A Security Operative with years of experience,
and had the honor of serving in the Office of the
President within the Croatian Ministry of Defense
for 6 years. He gained excellent experience
within private security industry, in the theatres of
Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq and all-around Africa.
After the military he was trained as an Executive
Protection Specialist in London, by the former
bodyguard of the late princess Diana, Ken Warfe.
He then joined the anti-piracy program at Horn
of Africa. After two years in Africa, he went to
Afghanistan for the American company Sratex,
before joining another company and their VIP
team in protection of Lukoil’s Executive Manager
in Iraq. He then decided to leave Middle East
and open his own private security company with
his colleague Predrag.
threats before they occur. This enables us to make
effective decisions, which prevent the opportunity
to inflict damage or harm. Xtreme Security provide
personnel that understand the industry trends
and have the unique ability to blend into their
surroundings but also show a physical deterrent
when necessary. Within Executive Protection
there are a number of different specialist fields
and experiences, from working with Corporate
Executives to Celebrities, and Families with
children. Each client requires a different mindset
and selection of skills, and can involve different
qualifications such as a Pediatric First Aid
qualification for instance. Our team consists of
security professionals with different skills and
qualifications to suit anyone’s needs, and we can
deploy both male and female operatives. As our
motto said; Any Task, Any Time, Anywhere!
Tomislav Pahljina, COO
n today’s chaotic world no one is safe anymore.
If we talk about ordinary street crime such as a
pick pocketing or threat from various militancy
groups / extremists, no one is safe, and targets
are not just politicians or celebrities, but all layers
of society. Executive Protection within Europe
is most of the time unarmed job, and only
weapon we use is our brain! Having a situational
environmental intelligence, good communication
skills, fluidity and, flexibility in decision making,
makes our operatives good Executive Protection
Agents. Our security teams not only serve as a
deterrent against crime, they are precise and
professional and have the ability to discreetly and
rapidly address any security issue that may arise.
Our key ability is the early identification of potential
Xtreme Security is a company made up of highly
talented, diverse, and motivated individuals who
came together for a common purpose; Providing
High Quality services for Domestic & Foreign
Dignitaries, Corporate Executives and High
Profile Individuals (VIPs) in the Public Eye.
Our vision is to provide a peace of mind to our
clients, while protecting them and their brand.
To make them more productive by saving their
“We create a vibe that
encourages our clients,
who we call the Elite, to
live every moment more
intensely. We bring the
creative power, stretching
the realm of possibility
and constantly push
the boundaries of what
security can be.”
time through a personal concierge services, and
to make them comfortable by preserving their
needs for privacy as much as possible.
We are the Executive Protection Specialists
whose main responsibility is to protect your life,
your loved ones, your brand, and your privacy.
Additionally, we take care of logistics, advanced
security, travel security, coordination with other
parts of your organization, and of all other
time saving personal and business concierge
Maximum dedication to our duties and customer
satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This philosophy
guides our entire structure and is the driving force
in our every decision. Guaranteeing a safe &
secure environment, providing sound decisions
that result in ultimate satisfaction for all our clients.
We strive to observe, interpret, decide and act.
We are be firm in our conviction that our duty is
to preserve life, property, risks and maintain a
professional approach to a meaningful and cost
effective solution. Performance guaranteed!
Do you need a Confident Person with a High
Standard of Integrity? Do you need Discretion?
Protecting Client Information and Privacy is very
important to us. We place great importance on
the Integrity and Reliability of our Close Protection
Officers. Everyone hired for any security position
undergoes an extensive background check of
criminal history to ensure that all employees
are: Reliable, Trustworthy, of Good Conduct and
Our security teams not only serve as a deterrent
against crime. They are precise and professional
and have the ability to discreetly and rapidly
address any security issue that may arise. Our
key ability is the early identification of potential
threats before they occur. This enables us to make
effective decisions, which prevent the opportunity
to inflict damage or harm.
Xtreme Security provides personnel that
understand the industry trends and have the
unique ability to blend into their surroundings but
also show a physical deterrent when necessary.
“Our standard go
far beyond typical
bodyguard service.
We will manage
every aspect of each
assignment to ensure
the highest standards
of quality and
safety are adhered to.”
We supply both, male & female security
professionals to suit any needs or situations.
Our Executive Protection Agents are highly
educated operatives, with great understanding
of social dynamics, but first and foremost a
security professionals with good character and
persons with good soft skills.
Having a situational environmental intelligence,
good communication skills, flexibility in decision
making and fluidity, makes our operatives
excellent Executive Protection Agents.
In addition to hard skills that all our agents must
have in order to join our team initially, and those
they have acquired on a Security Driving Training,
Close Protection Training, Medical Training, all our
agents must pass some other specialist training
prior working for us. That specialization is done
partnership with some of the best academies
within USA; like the Executive Protection Institute,
Bravo Research Group, and some others.
They assist in the constant improvement of our
employees’ knowledge through their mentoring
and training programs.
Security must make sense!
Our company assets are covered effectively by
all members of staff and our procedures are
clear and justified. Cooperation and contribution
at all levels is required and procedures must be
fully integrated with the business operation.
Threat awareness, evaluation and avoidance is
the key to effective protection.
Our threat assessment is clear, logical, accurate,
relevant and comprehensive. With the addition
of reconnaissance and background checks
which in essence are risk assessments of both
the location you will visit and the people you
will encounter there, we ensure all bases are
When managing the possibility of a threat, we at
first do our very best to AVOID the threat in the
first place, and then try to ESCAPE the threat.
If extraction from the scene is not achievable,
only then will we CONFRONT the threat. In the
world of Close Protection security, the basis of
all planning for the protection of the client, is
derived from threat assessment.
A threat assessment defines the current situation,
historic development and the methodology of
the threat in which we place our principal. Once
prepared, the assessment is not concluded or
static, but forms the basis of a dynamic, ever-
changing assessment as more information
appears. A threat assessment can be done on
an entire country or simply an individual; in every
case it has many treads and facets.
The “Threat” is external and constant. Apart from
per-emotion there is little can be done about it.
“Risk” is what we are paid to reduce by taking
appropriate measures. The risk is NOT constant.
95% of the protection of a VIP consists of waiting,
planning, ‘what if-ing’ and carrying out the day to
day duties of normal life in anticipation of the 5%
of actions, thinking under pressure and keeping
the VIP safe.
The anticipation and planning consume 100% of
our attention!
Close Protection operations require correct
planning to establish the correct drills and profiles
for each threat. Within an established operation
there may be a requirement to plan for a particular
event or trip that is not normally catered for. We
regard this planning to be of high priority.
A well planned operation significantly reduces
anything left to chance and permits the operation
to be conducted in a smooth and professional
manner. Our most important aspect of VIP
protection is preparation. Good preparation
allows us to be pro-active and in charge, not
always having to react to a crisis. Preliminary
security arrangements at all the sites to be visited
by the VIP are made by our advance teams.
This is the role of our Security Advance Party
(SAP). Our SAP carries out a site survey to identify
areas requiring security upgrades to assure the
visit of the VIP progresses smoothly and safely,
ensuring where possible that the detail knows all
security arrangements prior to the actual visit.
Major component of criminal and terrorist
planning is prior surveillance of their target.. We
are constantly alert to the fact that someone
could have the principal under surveillance.
Failure to understand surveillance methods
would mean that we would be unaware of the
criminals watching you and therefore place you
in great danger.
Counter surveillance is our responsibility, there
are certain drills and techniques which our teams
can employ if they think you are being subjected
to surveillance. However proper planning can
assist in our counter surveillance plan.
Who can impose surveillance?
Criminal – organized criminals often carry out
recces prior to the execution of the crime.
Press – to obtain a story, whether good or bad.
Too many times the close escort has little security
in depth, there is a tendency to close in to the VIP
and not be aware of their surroundings. Even an
attack by a ‘nutter’ will have warning signs that
must be picked up by the escort.
any famous destinations welcome more
Celebrity’s and High-Profile Individuals
each year. Unfortunately the statistics
show that the number of foreign criminals and
villa robberies are also on the rise. We guarantee
you safety and peace of mind so that you can
enjoy your stay without worry.
We offer professional security personnel who
can patrol the grounds of your real estate, private
property, yacht or villa, to provide a security
solution tailored to your needs.
Our security services can be deployed as a team
or a single security guard to provide security.
Xtreme Security will keep watch over who enters
and exits your home throughout the day, as well
as who has access to your home. The mission
of our Residential Security Team is to provide
effective advice and security to the principals
with the aim that neither person nor property
is unpleasantly surprised and thereby harmed
under our watch.
Whether you live in a small residence, apartment,
multifamily dwelling, or villa, we consult with you
on a wide variety of Xtreme Security solutions and
can help protect you and your loved ones with
advanced home and personal security solutions
backed by our 24/7 monitoring service and support.
Patrolling and carrying out protection of illegal activity,
including theft, trespassing and vandalism and
similar illegal acts that threaten the physical integrity
and violate the dignity of the person and diminish
the value of property, is subject to our protection.
“Security guards
function as a deterrent
to trespassers,
burglars, and vandals
when you have the right
people and use them
Security guards play a vital role in the tourism
industry. They are ubiquitous features of travel –
in airports, hotels, resorts, events and important
contributors to travelers’ perceptions of safety
and security. With the significant threat that ter-
rorism poses to the tourism industry, security
guards are asked to play important roles in tour-
ism counter-terrorism functionality.
In practice we are required to provide venue
security at hotels more than any other location.
Security of area surrounding the hotel, security
of the hotel itself, security of the immediate area
(suite) where the VIP sleep, security within the
hotel when VIP is moving around.
The degree of security in all the above categories
is, of course, totally dependent on the assessed
threat. The security of VIP during a hotel stay
presents the escort with a challenge, as we are
operating in an environment which is not familiar
and where we need to rely on other agencies for
different aspects of security. A thorough recce,
good liaison with all agencies and diligence
mixed with flexibility, we will ensure that you have
a safe stay.
Security guards are a human presence that
adds a significant complication to the plans of
trespassers, vandals and burglars. Unlike home
security equipment that is predictable, security
guards can alter their routes and routines to make
it more difficult for burglars to predict where they
will be at any given time.. Guards who are intel-
ligent and well-trained also recognize potential
hazards and security risks, allowing you to deal
with them before they can be exploited. A good
guard reports anything wrong with the property
and can fix simple problems themselves while
on duty. Guards also ensure that your security
equipment stays in working order. Security sys-
tem maintenance is part of the guard’s job de-
scription to check the status of sensors, camer-
as and control panels.
If you decide to use security guards for your
property, look for guards that have previous
security or law enforcement experience. Sign a
short-term agreement with a security company
if possible to give yourself a trial run before you
commit to anything long-term. The key is hiring
the right people. Through research and a little trial
and error, you can find a team worth investing in
that helps ensure your property remains secure.
We are proud to have Carlton International, the
most prestigious name in hospitality and luxu
ry real estate, as our partner. We have partnered
with Carlton International, an elite villa rental and
property consultancy, which lists thousands of
prestigious properties around the globe and who
will help us find the safest and the most luxurious
villas for your vacation, for an event or even as a
permanent or secondary residence to live in.
Based on the French Riviera, Carlton International
is one of the most remarkable hospitality and Real
Estate brands. They are amongst the world’s lead
ing names in providing luxury villa-rental proper-
ties. Their portfolio includes homes in some of the
top global destinations and whenever you’re plan
ning your next business or pleasure trip, a vibrant
holiday or a tranquil getaway, Carlton International
and Xtreme Security will join forces to give you an
experience you will never forget.
Both Carlton International and Xtreme Securi
ty believe in individual attention for each client.
This is reflected in the satisfaction of hundreds of
high-profile clients and celebrities who have ac
quired our services.
Our collaboration with Carlton international allows
us to get access to the most select properties,
strategically located in the right places and en
suring the optimum security you deserve. From
finding the perfect property that is most securely
located, to making sure that it remains fully pro
tected around the clock with our optimized secu-
rity equipment and professionally trained guards,
we ensure all services.
The process is straight forward. We strive to bring
you ultimate security with convenience. Just con-
tact our team and communicate your needs to
us. We will take care of the rest. We will uncov-
er and suggest the perfect property to suit your
needs, with the help of Carlton International and
all the security measures, required to ensure an
optimal level of security and privacy surrounding
the property of your choice, will be implemented.
In the current climate, petty crime, illegal board-
ing’s and muggings are the issues that yachts
and their owners need to consider.
Criminals are aware of the potential rich pickings
when it comes to private yachts, and so it is vital
that they are not seen as a vulnerable target.
To tackle the modern-day sophisticated hazards,
be it theft, vandalism or just unwanted attention,
you need the right team with the correct experi-
ence and skills. However, creating a real security
culture on board yachts is very important when
building the right level of security plan. To be with
client throughout their entire holiday, we need to
consider how Close Protection Officer will inte-
grate, without disruption to the client, as the ob-
jective is to provide and deliver the right level of
protection, but also and discretion.
When you organize a yacht event at marina, do you
consider implementing an access control officers
at your event or do you consider it unnecessary?
When you are in marina where there are plenty of
people it’s possible that someone tries to enter
the yacht, mostly because of curiosity and with-
out any bad intentions, but there are also those
passers-by who will take every opportunity to
board a yacht and enjoy a free party.
Even though these cases are very rare some
guests don’t feel comfortable and secure without
a security guards. The chance of someone tres-
passing on your yacht is small as there is always
someone of the crew on board., however, there
are people who will take advantage of every little
recklessness of those who control access to the
yacht, and usually they are crew members who
deal with all the many other things at the event,
and sometimes leave their position unwatched.
Implementing Access Control at your event will
contribute to the presentation of your brand as
first impressions are everything! The image of
the brand itself starts with the smallest things.
We care about everything, the look and style,
charm and charisma, professionalism and skills
of our operatives.
Our SuperYacht Security services includes shut-
tle service, access control, assistance for the
tenders, health and safety, first aid and firefight-
ing, anti drone services (on additional cost).
n a world where hotter is usually considered
better, the yachting set head to warmer climes
throughout the winter months. Typically, these
destinations include countries in the Middle East
like Bahrain, Oman, Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a fa-
mous F1 Race, but also destinations within Indi-
an Ocean regions, including Madagascar, Mau-
ritius, Seychelles and the Maldives.
With the presence of Naval Forces in the Indian
Ocean, the threat posed by the Somali pirates
has been virtually eliminated due to the war in
Yemen and the situation around Iranian coast.
The activities of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in
East Africa and its attacks on tourist resorts have
engendered a profound sense of uncertainty
and has cast its shadow over neighboring cruis-
ing destinations such as Northern Madagascar,
Seychelles and Mozambique. Therefore sailing
in these areas is still potentially dangerous.
To ensure safe pass through the critical area of
the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, we provide armed
escorts with ex Royal Marine Commando opera-
tives and best possible equipment.
ISO/PAS 28007-1:2015 certified to provide armed
maritime security personnel supply on board of
Our manpower is core to our business, and we
only employ individuals with an extensive Mari-
time background, who have experience in pro-
viding anti piracy service onboard Super Yachts,
thereby ultimately mitigating the risk involved in
transiting High Risk Areas.
Our officers are qualified (STCW ISPS) Proficien-
cy in Security Awareness (PSA) Ship Security
Officers and Port Facilities Security Officers with
a developed understanding of the International
Ship and Port Facilities code (ISPS).
Comprehensive crew training protocols are also
essential. Crew and guests (if there is a big
group of passengers), are instructed on how to
act in a crisis.
We will highlight any security procedures and mea-
sures that should be taken by the crew prior to the
arrival of owners and guests, conduct any nec-
essary training and ensure that security protocols
and responses are understood by all. Defining the
strategy, the approach and the realistic appraisal of
what is needed – how, where, when and why – are
the foundation on which security is built.
You might think that because your event is small,
there’s no need for security. However, there are so
many things that an event security team will deal
with; they’re not just there if the worst happens.
From a thorough risk assessment of your event
to controlling access, quite often just the subtle
presence of a security team can put attendees at
ease and prevent problems occurring.
When prospective clients decide to host a private
party, some of the key concerns should be a de-
tailed guest list, guest safety, property protection
and liabilities. Our supervisors will meet with you
and conduct a perimeter inspection. This assess-
ment will be crucial to ensure that your party or
special event will have adequate protection and
safety to all in attendance. If you need help in or-
ganizing your event, who will take care of every-
thing, we highly recommend you an event organi-
sation service from our partner D&X EVENTS.
Auctions provides the unique opportunity to eas-
ily select paintings, drawings, prints, antiques,
jewelry, sculptures and bronzes. Security at such
an event must be effective and discreet. Attend-
ees should not be distracted by or feel anxious
about overly-intrusive security measures. After
all, they’re here to enjoy the exhibition. Armed
guards in every corner and metal detectors at
every door are not something that Hermitage
Hotel guests would warm to. On the other hand,
noticeable security is a visible and necessary
deterrent to potential criminals. Finding the right
balance is key.
Watches and jewelry – especially the high-end
items–carry great personal significance for cus-
tomers and guests. They need to be able to get
to learn more about these beautiful products in
an atmosphere that is secure but never intimidat-
ing. The mood should be festive, but we never
relax when it comes to security. Getting this bal-
ance right is not a simple task.
treme Security is able to control and secure
the biggest events and performances from
red carpet events to international press
junkets. Our event security service includes
door supervising (access control) and control
of vehicle access points to the event, crowd
management, guest flow and prevention of all
the possible conflicts and danger.
Our security professionals are not “Bouncers“.
They are trained Close Protection, Health
and Safety Officers with Firefighter & First Aid
qualifications. Our Door Supervisors are qualified
to react to any type of incident accordingly, to
manage and effectively respond.
Every incident is the result of a series of events.
Incidents of violence are extremely unpleasant
for customers. The vast majority of customers
come out to enjoy a good time. Some customers,
however, have unreasonable expectations of
the service. For example they may expect to get
straight into a venue without queuing. When they
find they have to queue, they become frustrated.
The situation will deteriorate if their expectations
are not managed properly. Conflict management
“In order to ensure
your staff and patrons
can quickly access
areas of your event, it
is important to ensure
you have the proper
amount of staff for
each of these access
control points.”
is about managing this and many other everyday
situations. Conflict management is a problem-
solving approach to dealing with difficult situations.
Our Door Supervisors can recognize the signs of
potential risk and conflict before they become a
real threat, and are able to respond in a way which
will prevent the situation from escalating. They are
proactive by preparing themselves to deal with any
conflict situations that may occur at your venue. A
Door Supervisor greatly reduces the risks in the
job. Reducing the risks benefits both the Door
Supervisor and the venue, and ensures that the
customers can enjoy a safe night out.
Good communication skills are essential in
defusing conflict and aggression.
However, Door Supervisors can be more
vulnerable when they under estimate or do not
realize the threat presented by the situation. As
a Door Supervisor sometimes it is impossible to
completely avoid conflict and aggression so it is
vital for us that our Door Supervisors understand
how to deal with it when it happens. Our security
professionals tend to respond quickly to high-
risk situations where the threat is obvious.
“With a Luxury Cars
and Protection
Trained Drivers,
Xtreme Security
Secure Transport is
the principle choice
for the Elite travel.”
Treat yourself, your family and your entourage
with our luxury transportation service.
With a Luxury Vehicles and Protection Trained
Drivers, Xtreme Security Luxury Transport is
the principle choice for the Elite travel. From a
standard airport pickup or drop-off, to a complex
secure and discrete VIP movement, whether it’s
a trip from home to office, or transporting you
and your valuables from one location to another,
Xtreme Security Luxury Transport is available 24
All our drivers
are members of
International Security
Driver Association.
hours a day.
We fulfill the need for first-class travelling,
which will reflect the appropriate impression of
your company, and the importance you put on
effortless and professional service. Our reliable
security drivers are at your service to meet your
every wish in a comfortable and professional
manner. You can be confident in the knowledge
your driver is an expert in security field and
has been trained to react to all type of threats.
We also realize that you may be traveling with
members of your family or more companions, so
we are capable to provide transportation service
to parties containing multiple members. Our
Executive Protection Drivers offers a reliable and
discrete security driven service for the Exclusive
Business Professional and Personal VIP Traveler,
which will represent your life style and need for
comfort. We can plan your mode of travel whether
you prefer a standard vehicle, limousine, Minibus
or JetVan. We provide transportation services
for the following: Conference/Trade Show
Transportation, Special Event Transportation,
Precious stones/gems transport, Airport Shuttle
Service and Cargo Escorts.
Are you looking for a professional trained
protection Driver rather than the standard
Taxi or Limousine service? The security driver
employs a broad skillset that combines evasive
and defensive driving training, vehicle safety
inspection and foot patrol and surveillance.
Duties may include, but are not limited to, vehicle
patrol of exterior areas of given locations, foot
patrol of interior/exterior areas of given locations,
surveillance and reporting any suspicious
activities, proactive response to any emergency,
enforcement of procedures and rules for the safe
transportation and well-being of the principal.
All of our Executive Protection Drivers are
highly trained professionals who have attained
certification on completion of a Protective Driving
course. By making the decision to employ our
Executive Protection Drivers, you can be sure
of arriving at your destination feeling relaxed,
without suffering the anxiety and ill effects that
can sometimes be caused by untrained or
“Treat yourself,
your family and your
with our luxury
unskilled drivers. You can also be confident in
the knowledge that your security driver is an
expert in his field and has been trained to react
to the ever changing road conditions and all
weathers situations. Most drivers react/respond
to the information they receive as they drive. Their
actions are not planned, only reactive. Our drivers
are instinctive, thoroughly plan all routes, and think
before taking action in emergency situations. An
instinctive driver is one that constantly plans and
predicts what action to take based on information
received in order to avoid or manage threats,
minimizing the chance of damage and/or death.
The effects of chemical cocktail while driving are
about five time as strong in a split second then in
other situations. There is no denying the effects of
sensory overload. Sensory overload inhibits the
driver from making the best driving judgments in
frightening or threatening situations. The effects
of the chemical cocktail when shocked or sur-
prised by events can be devastating. Your body
immediately experiences the muscle tightening,
tunnel vision, time distortion, etc.
Failure to manage the effect of sensory overload,
the chemical cocktail can be fatal!
treme Security Celebrity Protection &
Entertainment Security Management
Service were formed to provide
professional, discreet and effective security
service to Clients of High Net Worth & Celebrities
Working Within the Entertainment Industry.
Unfortunately celebrities around the globe also
face an ever-increasing burden of intrusion and
disturbance from the paparazzi, the media in
general, potential kidnappers, stalkers, robbers
and various other threats. We provide highly
trained security professionals who will ensure
your safety at functions and during your normal
day-to-day life covering both; domestic and
international locations.
We realize that wherever you are, there will be
media presence. We also fully realize that media
presence can be just as challenging to monitor,
if not more so than crowd control. Our personnel
are fully trained on coping with the media
presence in both crowds and in traffic situations
while maintaining celebrity security.
Our staff are capable of running any other duties
whilst on task such as transportation, family and
media liaison to allow the celebrity to focus on
what they do best!
Executive Protection (EP) is a security specialty
focused on safeguarding the life, health, time,
reputation, and peace of mind of corporate
executives and others who face elevated
risk. The task of keeping key personnel safe
from intentional and unintentional harm—is a
widespread, recognized specialty in the security
field. Its purpose is to safe-guard people who face
an above-average level of risk or whose security
is especially important to an organization.
In today’s complex threat environment, the
challenges to executive protection professionals
have never been greater. Therefore there
are different types of executive protection.
Depending on your concerns and goals, we will
provide you with the security that best fits your
needs, be it covert, or overt. The tool needs to
serve the goal, not the other way around.
e are honored for became an official
reseller and that we partnered with
leading manufacturer of anti-drone de-
vices which you can find on the market today;
MyDefence was founded by military officers with
insight into military operations and advanced ra-
dio technology. They are specialized in devel-
oping, producing, and selling anti-drone prod-
ucts for detection, tracking, and jamming of
Unmanned Aerial Systems to mitigate the threat
of malicious drones.
At MyDefence they realize the terms “Interop-
erability” and “Mission Critical” are lifesavers.
Around these notions, we work our projects in
order to accommodate the VIP needs for flexibil-
ity and scalability.
By listening to our end-users and combining their
learnings with our partners technology, we are pro
ducing innovative and versatile Counter UAS solu-
tions for any type of scenario.
If the regulations in a particular country allow jam
mers, we would use their jamming technology to
disable frequencies or signals of any intruding
drone in the area as well. We are fully equipped
and highly trained professional with technological
support to detect any looming threat.
*A UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the drone itself. A UAS is an Unmanned Aircraft System which includes the drone, controller and any supporting
systems and software.
Commercial drones operate in FRQ bands
433MHz 915MHz 1.2GHz 2.4GHz 5.2GHZ and
5.8GHz, and we can detect all of these bands
and let the security guard know that a drone is ap
proaching from up to 3 km away.
With the detector connected to the jammer, the
jammer will create a fence up to 1km away, mean
ing the drone will not come too close.
MyDefence jammer has a jamming algorithm
that counters the FRQ hopping drones, meaning
a drone senses FRQ noise from the jammer or
other environmental interference on ex. 2.4GHz
it will switch FRQ to 5.8GHz and continue flying,
while the algorithm in our jammer counters that
and jams the drone anyway.
With a conventional jammer, the drone will sense
the interference from the jammer and switch FRQ
band and leave the jammer useless.
At Xtreme security, we are trained professionals
certified with MyDefence equipment usage and
technologies for our clients anywhere including a
yacht cruise for an event organization or for addi-
tional residential security.
*For purchasing MyDefence equipment contact us and we
would work out a plan and provide you a 10% discount. If
you wish to contact them directly, be free to use our discount
by mentioning us.
odern eavesdropping espionage devices
are relatively cheap and easy to obtain on
line. Whether commercially or privately, if
you have concerns that you are vulnerable to a tech
nical attack at your place ofwork, home or in your
vehicle, we are able to alleviate those fears by con
ducting a full TSCM sweep. We are one of the very
few companiesin Europe that use radio frequency
(RF) mapping and highspeed capturing to identify
the latest digital burst and cellular transmitters.
TSCM involve the skilled use of specialist, techni-
cal equipment and training which enables a com-
prehensive physical investigation of an area and a
thorough analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum.
This investigation will neutralise the threat posed by
any eavesdropping devices or electronic ‘bugs’
which have been placed at or located near to a
specific target area.
A bug is a technological means that can absorb
information in a given environment, and it can also
store or transmitin formation to another location
via wired or wireless transmission.
There are many different types of listening and
espionage equipment. We would test, detect and
locate active wireless transmitters of all types and
in all spectrum. “Dormant” transmitters, transmit
ters on communications lines, computerization
and electricity, IR-laser transmitters, 3G transmit
ters, wifi, bluetooth transmitters, detection of GSM
transmitter in broadcast mode and STANDBY
mode, microphones, recording devices, hidden
cameras, cross-connections in the infrastructure,
tracking systems, etc.
A proven professional execution of TSCM tasks
requires control of knowledge areas such as radio
frequency, electricity, computing, fixed and mobile
telephony and many more.
Hand-held Jammer, Desktop-held Jammer, GSM
Investigation Device, Encrypted Mobile Phones,
Encrypted Laptops, Untraceable SIM cards.
Xtreme Security provide also and a bespoke intel
ligence gathering equipment that can be integrat-
ed into everyday objects. We have the following ul-
tra-small micro devices that can be fitted to items:
Integrated Belt Tracking Device, Integrated Rock
Device, Integrated Fire Extinguisher Device, Inte
grated Laptop Device, Integrated Laptop Charger,
Integrations Key Camera, and many more…
If you are interested in mentioned counter surveil
lance intelligence gathering devices, and what to
do if you think they’re being bullied: step-by-step
instructions, please contact us and we would pro
vide you FREE OF CHARGE consultation.
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