LTE wireless security camera systems are ideal when there is no option for a
point-to-point wireless system or hardwired broadband connection, but cell service is
Also its ideal for those who wants extra protection!
If you are using wi-fi cameras which are connected and work through your router,
obviously, when there is no electrictiy in your residence or workspace and your router
is switched off, cameras wouldn’t work.
If you have a cell phone service at your project location, you will most likely be able to
use 4G LTE cellular communications to access your video system
Therefore we have partnered with two major and best LTE based camera producers in
the world.
Quick, Covered, Autonomous,
Xtreme Security
Video Surveillance Solution
For many years, Arlo has been at the forefront of developing wire-free security
They were one of the first companies to manufacture battery-powered security
cameras and they took a big leap when they launched the LTE-enabled Arlo Go.
The basics of Reolink Go and Arlo Go are the same. They are both weatherproof, battery-powered
cameras designed to
withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. Both are rated IP65, which means their electronic
components are sealed shut
against dust and water intrusion.
Being both LTE-enabled, Reolink Go and Arlo Go don’t need Wi-Fi to work. They can be placed
anywhere theres an LTE
signal, whether in a lake house, construction site, or in the woods. That said, for
security, both cameras come with a secure mount that screws the camera into place.
Although the same in many ways, Reolink Go and Arlo Go have differences that are in the details. For
one, Reolink has a better battery. Where Arlo Gos rechargeable battery is 3660mAh, Reolink’s battery
is 7800mAh. Reolink promises a battery life of up to two months on standby or up to 500 minutes of
live streaming and recording.
Image Quality & Video Features
Where They’re The Same
When it comes to video features, Arlo Go and Reolink Gos similarities are skin-deep. They are the
same in what they can do: stream live videos, offer two-way audio, and provide night vision.
Where They’re Different
Once again, their differences are in the details. In terms of image quality, Reolink Go is superior. Arlo
Go can only be configured to stream and record up to 720p videos, whereas Reolink Go supports FHD
Reolink Go also uses what they call a Starlight Sensor, which is a CMOS sensor
manufactured by SONY. What’s special about it is that it enables Reolink Go to offer “colored night
vision” where most cameras (such as Arlo Go) offer black-and-white night vision. We were able to
test the Starlight Sensor when we went hands-on with Argus 2 and found that it generates crisp
images especially if the subject is within 10 feet of the camera.
Security Features
Where They’re The Same
Security is the main focus of both Arlo Go and Reolink Go.
When it comes to security features, they both offer motion detection and they take the same course
of action when they detect a possible security breach. When motion is detected, Arlo and Reolink are
programmed to wake up, record a short clip, and
generate an alert, which will be sent to you via email or push notification.
Both cameras use PIR motion sensors. PIR motion sensors detect heat signatures, which means
they only trigger when they detect body heat coming from people and animals. Arlo Gos motion
sensor has a detection range of up to 23 feet while Reolink Gos detection range can go up to 30
feet. It’s worth noting that neither of the two cameras offer intelligent motion detection features (e.g.
activity zones, person detection, facial recognition) out of the box. However, Arlo offers Arlo Smart,
which is a subscription-based service that will give Arlo cameras extra intelligence.
Where They’re Different
Arlo Go and Reolink Go each offer extra security features. Arlo Go offers sound detection while
Reolink Go comes equipped with a siren. Reolink’s siren sounds automatically when motion is
detected. Also, you can record a voice message and have the camera play it instead of the siren.
Video Storage
Where They’re The Same
Finally, we’ll look at how Reolink Go and Arlo Go store videos.
Both cameras support local recording using a microSD card (not included). Reolink Go supports SD
cards up to 64GB while Arlo supports cards up to 32GB. Recording videos locally won’t use up any
cellular data. However, remotely watching locally saved videos will, so limiting your viewing time is
Where They’re Different
The two cameras also support cloud recording, but how they do so and what they include is
Reolink’s cloud service is still in beta. Currently, they have both paid and unpaid plans. Their free plan
offers a 7 day video history but only supports one camera. Beyond that, you can pay for more.
On the other hand, Arlo has an existing cloud service structure. You can opt to use the
complementary cloud storage service, which provides 7 days of cloud storage and supports five
cameras. Both Reolink and Argus have a 1GB storage limit on free plans.
Final Verdict
While comparing Reolink Go and Arlo Go, we’ve come up with the conclusion that the
two are essentially the same in terms of what they can do, but it’s the smallest of
details that make the difference.
Reolink is a better solution by looking technical specifications,
howeverArlo is smaller and for sure better as COEVERED solution,
especially because it sells skins for Arlo Go in case you want
to camouflage your security camera.
The best solution would be to include both in your camera
surveillance system!
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Do you believe employing security personnel is the solution? Or do you really feel that video camera
systems suffice to stop bad guys?
CCTV vs. security personnel has actually come to be a much more notable discussion in security
groups. Each of these security choices provide both security and also function as criminal activity
Benefits of CCTV
CCTV monitoring systems are handy technical choices for surveillance. The most affordable style of
a CCTV can supply video clip logs of day-to-day tasks within your company. The simple sight of a
security video camera system suffices to make thieves hesitate.
One of the most advanced CCTV structures can have remote surveillance, audio notifications and
also movement detection. This decreases the amount of false alarms. It can additionally decrease
the quantity of time required for individuals to remain in front of the screen.
Closed circuit monitoring advantages consist of:
- Monitoring of main areas around the company
- Incorporated sound for recording and also cautioning off possible trespassers
- Reduced levels of needed upkeep, greater uptime
- 24/7 insurance coverage
- Reduced expenses over time
- Absolutely no uncertainty concerning employed security personnel' qualifications
What about other Arlo & Reolink cameras that works on a WI-FI principle?
Cameras that works on a normal WI-FI principle we do not suggest to our clients, for already men-
tioned and obvious reason. So, we advise if using a WI-FI cameras to use THE BEST PORTABLE
ROUTER ON THE MARKET that also works on LTE / a cell phone service principle.
The Netgear Nighthawk M2 Is Probably The Best Mobile Router On The Market

Contrasted to a security employee, a surveillance camera system sets you back just a tiny percentage
of a security company's payroll. The preliminary setup could be expensive; however, it lessens after
the initial year.
Understand Your CCTV Selections!
Prior to diving right into the drawbacks of CCTV setup's, it is essential to keep in mind that there are
various types of CCTVs offered. Ensure you obtain the appropriate one prior to investing money!
One of the most typical ones record low-resolution video clips in black and white gray scales. They
additionally depend on movement tracking, indicating they will not begin filming till somebody
relocate front of its sensing unit. These functions all integrate to guarantee you do not squander
valuable SD card capacity on video clip footage with absolutely nothing taking place.
A lot more intricate systems consist of night-vison, whole HD video clip resolution, and also cloud
backs-up in real time. These set-ups are a lot more costly, nevertheless, they might do the job for
unique security requirements.
Crime Prevention Problems
A CCTV on its own is inadequate to stop thief’s and also destructive individuals from breaching your
private property.
If there's an absence of security employees within an eyeshot, burglary can occur in a fast period of
This is why real-time surveillance is essential.
Having somebody ensuring your back is under a qualified individual's watchful eyes can provide you
with comfort.
The "Human Variable" in a Security Guard
Some companies take choice of security personnel over technology options.
This is for the simple fact that human visibility can supply a better sense of security in the facility.
If you organize a burglary, you can anticipate a powerful response.

Why XS Monitoring is the Right Choice For You
Security personnel can be significant deterrents to criminal activity.
Monitoring is a choice as well.
In an excellent system, you would certainly desire both. Obtain a monitoring system. Incorporate it
with human security employees to cover all your bases.
This is not feasible in some circumstances,
but this is the most effective method to cover your business or private facility.
Contact us if you need more info on our CCTV plans with QRF (Quick Reaction Force)
on alert, CCTV with Patrol Guards, or 24/7 Monitoring.
Onsite Resolution and Handling
Among the discussed issues with monitoring systems is their lack of ability to deal with criminal
activity within its close proximity. This drawback exists when it pertains to human security guards.
What does a security personnel carry out in these circumstances?
The first thing security guards do is de-escalate the predicament.
For little criminal activities such as minor burglary and also mischief-makers, they can call
administration and also determine what to do with the culprits.
This comes either as a caution or straight-out restriction from the area.
Anything much more substantial than little criminal activities, they can call police.
XS monitoring can do the very same.
Modern monitoring video camera systems have speakers that can "speak down" while monitoring.
This can also be extra daunting to suspects without making use of force.You cannot fire at what
you cannot see.