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Cargo Escort

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XTREME SECURITY GmbH HAS THE EXPERTISE EXPERIENCE AND WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES TO MEET ANY NEEDS IN SECURE TRANSPORTATION FROM TO AUSTRIA GERMANY Every day Europe exports hundreds of millions of euros worth of goods and imports hundreds of millions more This makes the European Union a dynamic place to do business but it is also an increasingly challenging market for any company without a resilient supply chain security strategy Following TAPA EMEA s Incident Information Service IIS Annual Report for 2017 showing a 10 3 increase in recorded cargo crimes in the region last year 2018 got o to an ominous start with freight losses up by a further 18 5 year on year in January In 2017 for the rst time in one year cargo thefts exceeded EUR100 million in the EMEA region 02

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KEY FIGURES FOR THE REGION INCLUED AVERAGES OF Nearly 8 cargo thefts per day in EMEA A loss of EUR287 893 for every day of the year 240 newly recorded crimes per month These gures are for reported crimes only so in reality losses could be substantially higher 44 78 of crimes reported were listed as unspeci ed or miscellaneous The highest percentage of of thefts by products listed were Food Drink at 9 8 Source TAPA EMEA s Incident Information Service IIS Annual Report for 2017 According to BSI s Global Supply Chain Intelligence report numerous factors are in uencing supply chain risks gloabally These risks include security social responsibility and business continuity many of which are provoked by one another Source BSI Clobal Supply Chain Intelligence report Our professional security escort drivers understands the risks and complexities involved in the transport of valuable cargo They are all well experienced and already provided dozens of cargo escorts to well known Transport Services Providers such as JAN DE RIJK or WALLENBORN With our complete range of logistics solutions you can choose the appropriate services to meet your speci c needs and goals 03

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WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU We understand the necessity to balance cost against risk and try to tailor our security recommendations to meet your budget We understand that secure logistics involves much more than getting goods from one location to another With our innovative and cost e cient security solutions you can rest assured that your high value commodities are safe at every point in their journey SETTING THE RIGHT FOUNDATIONS We start each project by determining exactly what is the best way to work with your business ONE TWO THREE OR EVEN MORE SECURITY ESCORT TEAMS ARMED OR UNARMED ESCORT TEAMS HOW IT WORKS Our bespoke services includes door to door secure pick up secure transportation and delivering with the ability for you to track your cargo 24 7 It also includes and 24 7 Operational monitoring of everything that happens while your cargo is on the road or at parking place from our OPS Room in Vienna It means we track and coordinate our teams and provide necessary information s when our security operatives need any type of assistance and also we cooperate with the local Emergency Services police hospital re ghters etc in any type of incident or accident 04

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USUAL STADARD PROCEDURE 01 Once we have details about your needs i e security escort for the truck traveling from point A to point B truck details model color license plates of trailer and truck drivers details name phone numbers exact time of loading etc we will send our security team to nd your truck and drivers and to start with operational procedure 05

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02 Our operatives will be on the spot at least one hour before loading time they will wait till the loading is nished and after loading they will make pictures of the truck trailer seal number and CMR Those pictures they will send to our OPS room so we can have it for your record 03 While on the road our operatives will keep in touch with our OPS room 24 7 through our encrypted communication system and constantly report what s happening on the road Our vehicles are all equipped with tracking device dash cam and will constantly record every movement In case of any incident accident the situation will be recorded and provided to who it may concern In any case of medical emergency tra c accidents truck driver health problems our security drivers are all quali ed to provide rst aid and all our vehicles are equipped with the rst aid kit and de brillator so they will assist if its necessary 06

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04 When your cargo safely arrives at the destination our security operatives will make sure to send us a picture of unbroken seal and with the same number They will stay till unloading is nished they will took the details of the person who took over the cargo and who signed the CMR document We will provide you all those evidences in the nal report at the end of the task SECURITY INTERVENTION Most of the security intervention services are taken when the truck has a ban on passing and when drivers need to rest at the LKW parking spot In that case procedure is almost the same Our logistics solutions are secure completely insured and fully integrated They are designed to deliver your highest value goods to wherever they need to be Choose us to protect and transport your most valuable and vulnerable assets because we provide tailor made solutions built around your requirements 07 VIDEO PRESENTATION;

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XTREME SECURITY GmbH Am Haidebruch 1b 81375 M nchen Germany The company is registered at the District Court Munich under the Commercial Register number HRB 241200 www xtremesecurity eu I www xtremesecuritytransport eu I info xtremesecurity eu I 491577 8648351